Weddings & Ceremonies

Lardirago Castle offers a host of solutions for setting up your event both outdoors and indoors,
adapting to the needs and expectations of the most important ceremonies.

Reception Rooms

Located on the second floor, the Liocorni Hall is an elegant reception room, finely decorated with frescoes surrounding the ceiling coffers, the walls near the ample windows and the two fireplaces.

The hall, devoid of furniture, allows for personalised setups, inspired by the couples’ most beloved themes.

The Lounge Area, connected to the Liocorni Hall by the frescoed corridor, is usually furnished with small armchairs, footrests and coffee tables, and can easily be converted into a support room for the receptions that require extra seating.

Courtyard and Colonnades

The Internal Courtyard and the Colonnadessurrounding the Castle offer a suggestive setting for symbolic ceremonies, buffet aperitifs and dance parties.

The outdoor setting is intimate and it is possible to avail of generous spaces under the two colonnades: the recently refurbished West Colonnade is expansive and embellished by ceiling coffers and a frescoed wall; the smaller East Colonnade is enriched by ceiling coffers.


The Castle is surrounded by expansive green spaces such as the Keep Garden, enriched by the scenic impact of the majestic façade, and the Tower Garden, surrounded by the ancient walls.

Both gardens offer an intimate and relaxed setting ideal for ceremonies, receptions, photo shoots or to prepare for the cutting of the wedding cake.

The Court Garden, located between the Ricetto and the Keep Garden, is an expansive green space, ideal for welcoming guests.

Celebration of the Rite

To officiate religious weddings the Fondazione Ghislieri offers the perspective couples the 16th Century Chapeland San Pio Hall of the Collegio Ghislieri, in Pavia city centre.

Lardirago Church(SS.Corpo di Cristi and San Zenone Vescovo) is a valid alternative located only 250m away from the Castle.

The Gardens, the Colonnadesand the ancientRomanesque Chapel inside the Castle are ideal locations for symbolic ceremonies.

Centro di Musica Antica

Through a tailored offer, the Centro di Musica Antica of the Fondazione Ghislieri –a renowned international Early Music Centre for historically informed music research and production– offers its experience and professional skills to Lardirago Castle through music accompaniment and actual concerts, thanks to a wide repertoire of music performed on period instruments.

Additional Services

Easy set up and loading/unloading of equipment

Kitchens and extra rooms are available on the ground floor for catering, set up and technical staff.

Lift access to the top floors

Vans can easily access the gardens and the
ground floor for loading/unloading and all other set up

Accesso ai piani con ascensore

The top floors of the Castle can be easily accessed
thanks to two spacious lifts.


The streets around the Castle offer good availability of parking spaces. It is also possible to reserve a dedicated parking area.